[wp-hackers] WP Roadmap Project

Gaarai gaarai at gaarai.com
Thu Oct 30 11:36:18 GMT 2008

Thanks for the feedback Callum. I purchased a domain last night. I'll 
try to have a holding site with a subscribe to updates feature spun up 
by later today. I'll send out another message when it's ready.

- Chris Jean

Callum Macdonald wrote:
> G'day,
> This sounds like an immensely useful tool.
> In terms of navigating the data, here's a few random suggestions...
> * Show the list of files as they're included
> * Allow an "ajax" delve into each file, to see the function calls
> * Provide "more info" on each function, again some form of ajax load
> It would be great to create a fluid, dynamic interface so you feel like
> you're exploring the code visually. Diving into each section, seeing
> more info, zooming back out. Something like a Google Maps type
> interface.
> It's quite pie in the sky, but I think the map analogy is good.
> Different zoom levels, different navigation methods, show / hide various
> overlays, etc.
> Is there an announce mailing list or RSS feed I can subscribe to for
> updates? I'm not always that active on wp-hackers.
> Cheers - Callum.

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