AW: [wp-hackers] Update of non GPL-Plugins (was Plugin licenses)

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at
Fri Oct 24 18:18:24 GMT 2008

I'm a new voice on this list, but I've got a combined 20+ years experience
in both the development and business end of software and I agree with those
who say that punishing the end user for the decision of a software provider
is very short sighted. 

The WordPress community will be best served by notifying end users that
their commerical plugins are not updated so that they are at least aware.
This is actually a perfect opportunity to educate the end users on the
difference between GPL and Commercial plugins and the benefits of the
former.  Not notifying end users will just upset WordPress user and as has
been said here by others have them spread the message that WordPress is an
unreliable platform for which, ironically, they will be correct.

Rather than view this as a war of ideologies where you inflict harm
whereever possible, please consider instead turning this into an opportunity
to educate your allies (i.e. WordPress users) on the merits of your cause
(GPL) and do your best to generate good will amongst them.


-Mike Schinkel

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