[wp-hackers] Favorites menu CSS issue...

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Thu Oct 23 00:38:18 GMT 2008

Jennifer Hodgdon wrote:
> I think when I navigate to a new page with text expanded, it is 
> remembering which menu items I had previously opened by clicking on 
> their text headers. So that is good, the whole menu is not necessarily 
> expanded vertically.
> However, if I do <<< and then >>> to contract/expand the text, it goes 
> back to totally-closed-vertically state. So after that it is a bit odd 
> when you navigate to another page, because suddenly a bunch of the items 
> are expanded vertically again.

It is supposed to "remember" both: folded/unfolded sideways and which 
sections are vertically expanded when menu is unfolded. When folding it 
sideways all sections are collapsed so there aren't any gaps between the 

This is stored in a cookie so the browser will have to reload the window 
or go to another page to "see it".

The css overlap of the favourites menu and the main menu should be fixed 
soon (currently working on it).

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