[wp-hackers] PHPDoc and state of the Codex

Xavier Borderie xavier at borderie.net
Wed Oct 22 15:04:27 GMT 2008

> Both the Codex and the PHPDoc are important to WordPress developers.  If you
> take a look at how many frameworks are documented, WordPress should (and
> pretty much is) being done the same way.  You have a comprehensive reference
> guide (the codex) in conjunction with a more technical api, which gives
> specific function level information for advanced users.

Maybe I misunderstood you and your mail is not an answer to mine, but
if that's the case: I never said we should get rid of the Codex. On
the contrary, I keep pushing people my side of the Atlantic to work on
it. It's treasure-trove of examples and in-depth explanation, with an
amount of detail and clarity that no phpDoc or phpXref can compare

That being said, theme- and widget-developers could use something more
dynamic for their everyday reference needs - hence my suggestion to
have wo.org officially host something akin to
http://adambrown.info/p/wp_hooks, and an equivalent for template tags.

phpDoc remains very coder-centric, and the Codex can easily get out of
date - even more so for localized version. Since WP is now properly
phpDoc'd, it would be really great to make use of this and turn all
the information for each phpDoc comment into a sortable database (per
branche/version, per status, per WP component...).

I don't know how the phpDoc comments could be extracted into a
database, but one can dream, heh? :)

Xavier Borderie

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