[wp-hackers] wordpress mu - override default language on signup

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Thu Oct 16 14:16:55 GMT 2008

Hi Tom,

You might take a look at the existing multi-language plugins for WP 
(rather than WP-MU) and see how they do it. The ones I know of are my 
own Language Switcher (find it at poplarware.com) and Gengo; there are 
also others. LS, at least, has quite a few comments in the code and 
I'd be happy to answer questions.

Good luck,

Tom Belmans wrote:
> I've installed a Wordpress MU for a multilanguage site.  I use the main 
> site as an entry point for the 2 language sites [...]
> I've written a small plugin that checks the referer to see from what 
> language site you came from and update WPLANG to that language.  Now my 
> question is, I have to set this before the language files are loaded, 
> how can this best be done ?

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