[wp-hackers] wordpress mu - override default language on signup

Tom Belmans tom at motionmill.com
Thu Oct 16 12:47:57 GMT 2008


I've installed a Wordpress MU for a multilanguage site.  I use the  
main site as an entry point for the 2 language sites like :

domain.com (main site) and here you can choose to go to the english or  
the french site.

domain.com/fr -> french site
domain.com/nl -> english site

The login screens are located at domain.com/en/wp-login.php so the  
language can be set automatically to english and so for french  
Now when I want to signup I'm getting redirected to domain.com/wp- 
signup.php which is always in English, but I want it to be translated  
to the language from the site I was visiting (eg. domains.com/fr/).

I've written a small plugin that checks the referer to see from what  
language site you came from and update WPLANG to that language.  Now  
my question is, I have to set this before the language files are  
loaded, how can this best be done ?

kind regards,

Tom Belmans

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tom at motionmill.com
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