[wp-hackers] Where Do I Configure This Plugin

Xavier Borderie xavier at borderie.net
Wed Oct 8 21:05:13 GMT 2008

> On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 4:15 AM, Andy Staines <andy at yellowswordfish.com> wrote:
>> The capability is already there:
>> http://striderweb.com/nerdaphernalia/2008/06/wp-use-action-links/
> Wow. I had no idea about that! I just updated my automatic-timezone
> plugin to do this. It works quite well. I like the idea of putting the
> settings pages here, especially for those set-once type of plugins.

Agreed. The idea seems so obvious and useful that I wonder how it's
not part of Core yet :)

> If someone wants to knock up a patch and raise a ticket feel free otherwise I will do this and commit it in the next couple of days.

That would be most excellent, and bonus points if this can land into
2.7 before feature-freeze.
I guess this would require some thinking upfront (I am not plugin
developers), but if all admin-page-creatin' plugins could get this
nifty Settings link by default, it would certainly ease the life of
lambda users, not acustomed to menu appearing out of nowhere (or have
to search for the Settings option).

Xavier Borderie

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