[wp-hackers] Where Do I Configure This Plugin

Jeff Chandler jeffro at jeffro2pt0.com
Wed Oct 8 21:01:30 GMT 2008

Hey Peter. I'm no hacker or coder so if someone else or you decides to 
write the patch, what will that mean? Does that mean plugin authors will 
be able to easily add a link to their settings page from the Plugin 
Management panel?

Peter Westwood wrote:
> scribu wrote:
>> I would like to point out that this method has several drawbacks:
>> 2. "This filter is going to be called for every single plugin row on
>> the Plugins page" - this is rather clunky: if each plugin implemented
>> this and there were 20 plugins, there would be 400 calls.
> Thats quite simple to solve really.  We just fire some plugin specific 
> actions as well.
> So we can fire:
> plugin_action_links and plugin_action_links_{$plugin}
> We can even add a register_plugin_action_hook() along the lines of 
> register_activation_hook if it makes it easier.
> If someone wants to knock up a patch and raise a ticket feel free 
> otherwise I will do this and commit it in the next couple of days.
> westi

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