[wp-hackers] Where Do I Configure This Plugin

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Wed Oct 8 20:36:02 GMT 2008

scribu wrote:
> I would like to point out that this method has several drawbacks:
> 2. "This filter is going to be called for every single plugin row on
> the Plugins page" - this is rather clunky: if each plugin implemented
> this and there were 20 plugins, there would be 400 calls.
Thats quite simple to solve really.  We just fire some plugin specific 
actions as well.

So we can fire:

plugin_action_links and plugin_action_links_{$plugin}

We can even add a register_plugin_action_hook() along the lines of 
register_activation_hook if it makes it easier.

If someone wants to knock up a patch and raise a ticket feel free 
otherwise I will do this and commit it in the next couple of days.


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