[wp-hackers] 2.7 Wireframes

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Tue Oct 7 11:57:31 GMT 2008

Thanks Jane for the wireframes and explanations. A great help.

I know the side menu topic has been flogged to death and I am coming a  
little late to the party (and I like the side menu although popup  
submenus would be nice) but a couple of queries if I may.

(1) Many plugins that need to define a larger number of admin screens  
also define their own top level menu. These are being displayed  
(currently) after the 'Help' menu when ideally they should appear  
before it. (This makes organisational sense and I am also a firm  
supporter of Stephen Rider's dictum that a plugin should simply be  
presented as part of the base system). Is there a plan to change this?  
Maybe even allow authors to decide where to insert their menu (Up to a  

(2) I am looking forward to seeing these new 'icons' on the top level  
menus. Is there going to be an API to allow plugins to define their own?

And - on a code point - although I can see no changes to the menu  
hooks (add_menu_page/add_submenu_page) current top level plugin menus  
are not working correctly. On first selecting one they are loading up  
the front end (with the inevitable 404) and only after selecting a  
plugin from another menu (say 'Manage') and then trying the top level  
menu ones again will they load the correct admin page. This may be a  
bug... or is it a change to the API that I have missed?

Thanks again for the heads up

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