[wp-hackers] WordPress UI Idea (#4): Sortable, editable main menu

Matt Patenaude MattPat at mattpat.net
Fri Oct 3 09:38:32 GMT 2008

Sorting, perhaps. I don't really see the benefit to renaming though.  
I'm not sure many people would actually bother to rename the titles of  
the sidebar menu. Ordering is quite handy though. :)

I think it might be better, however, to not have a toggle for turning  
sorting on or off-- if a user drags a menu item, it should move  
without having to be told it's about to be moved (if you know what I  

Just my two cents, nice prototype (small bug: when you start dragging  
a menu item and you drag it far enough that some items rearrange, but  
then you drag it back to its original spot and drop it [ie, no move],  
then click on it to rename, the menu item disappears-- otherwise,  
works fine). :)


On Oct 3, 2008, at 5:33 AM, Kaspars Dambis wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> What about allowing everyone to name and sort the main menu?
> Here is a working prototype:
> http://konstruktors.com/examples/wordpress-dashboard/05/
> List of features:
> * Select 'Customize Menu' to enable editing/sorting.
> * Click on top-level menu text to edit the label.
> * Click on top-level menu *outside* the label (on the arrow, for
> example) text to collapse/expand menu.
> * Drag-and-drop any of the menu items, even from one top-level item to
> other.
> What do you think?
> Regards,
> Kaspars
> p.s. I couldn't find a way to disable href action for top-level links
> when editing is enabled. As far as I know, it could be accomplished by
> adding return false; to a click even.
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