[wp-hackers] Splintered Menus in 2.7

Idled Soul idledsoul at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 05:00:20 GMT 2008

Stephen Rider wrote:
> ***
> It seems that the menus in 2.7 are becoming _extremely_ splintered.  
> Do we really need ELEVEN menus???
> By breaking things out so much, I think we're making the layout more 
> "brittle" -- less open to changes or additions.  Write/Manage was a 
> much stronger setup than Posts/Pages/Links/Media.  Especially as 
> plugins add abilities to the system, authors are going to end up 
> having to make more top-level menus because we're losing the more 
> generalized topics such as "write" and "manage".  Either that or we're 
> all going to have a thousand things all crammed under "tools" because 
> that's going to be the only logical place left....

And this too, confusing much? Yes! Haha. Wow, it's like rearranging 
things in a senile old person's house, while they slept. It might be 
funny to watch them wake up and be totally lost, but for them, it's not 
so funny. It's having to learn where everything is all over again... Not 
to mention more complex for everything and everyone for structure(s).

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