[wp-hackers] WordPress and MySQL Proxy

Barry Abrahamson barry at automattic.com
Fri Oct 3 03:13:39 GMT 2008

On Oct 2, 2008, at 8:25 PM, Jacob Santos wrote:

> That said, you could probably get better performance from using  
> MySQL Proxy, since it a binary and not PHP. It would be interesting  
> to see whether that is the case. In theory, MySQL Proxy should be  
> faster or at least no slower. You might benefit more if you had a  
> lot of MySQL servers.

Sure, but my using a proxy you are introducing another layer and all  
the overhead associated with it.   A wise man once told me that if  
introducing another layer did not result in at least one order of  
magnitude performance improvement it probably wasn't worth doing.  It  
would be interesting to see some benchmarks....

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