[wp-hackers] Admin skinning

Xavier Borderie xavier at borderie.net
Thu Oct 2 10:43:01 GMT 2008

> I don't want to sound negative about admin skinning in general, but
> you can also always alter the CSS (or JS) of any site within your
> browser (well, in Firefox anyway) using plugins like Stylish and
> Greasemonkey.

I really don't see Firefox extensions as a proper way to alter the
admin skin in the long term. And as such, it is of no use to blog

> Personally, I think admin theming is a great opportunity, and should be
> supported and named appropriately. Larger organizations installing WordPress
> would certainly appreciate the option to skin their admin to fit their
> corporate structure.

Adobe did just that with Lightroom, by allowing photographers to
replace the app's logo with their studio's own. That might be a first
step in letting designers and resellers of WP installs taylor-build

Xavier Borderie

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