[wp-hackers] Admin skinning

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Wed Oct 1 20:58:05 GMT 2008

Well, sure, but by that standard, why do we have the "Color Scheme"  
setting at all?

All I was suggesting was a changed label.

As I said -- I don't find anything terrible about the new interface.   
(I use Ozh menus in 2.6 because it reduced click-and-wait massively,  
but in 2.7 that problem is largely alleviated.)  I just think that as  
long as the functionality is there, we should give it a name more  
appropriate to its actual potential use.

Though now that you mention it, it would be nice if that setting also  
allowed the attachment of JavaScript.  Then things such as Ozh Menus  
or Fluency could be turned on and off on a per-user basis according to  
personal preference.


On Oct 1, 2008, at 3:22 PM, Jeremy Clarke wrote:

> I don't want to sound negative about admin skinning in general, but
> you can also always alter the CSS (or JS) of any site within your
> browser (well, in Firefox anyway) using plugins like Stylish and
> Greasemonkey.

> Altering it in this way would
> also leave your site alone and safe and limit mandatory maintenance.

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