[wp-hackers] Help with adding extra data into a post

Mikael Hedengren mikael at cylinderlabs.se
Thu Nov 20 00:10:51 GMT 2008

It seems that I haven't looked into custom fields in enough detail.

I was planning to use an extra table to store my extra "rows" of data fields
because I will need to retrieve them (the "rows") i various order, like
registration time order etc. One or several "rows" of data can also be added
when editing the post later so several "rows" of data belonging to one post
can have different registration time.
Is the custom fields suitable for that?

> On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 7:04 AM, Mikael Hedengren
> <mikael at cylinderlabs.se> wrote:
> > I must be able to enter several "rows" of input per post so I think that
> > using the custom fields will not be user-friendly enough.
> You can create your own interface box to get the data and nobody is
> arguing with that. However, where will you store that data? The answer
> should be in a custom field.
> Custom fields are supposed to be used to store any random per-post
> data you may need.

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