[wp-hackers] <!--nextpage--> and other tinymce stuff

Idled Soul idledsoul at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 21:42:25 GMT 2008

Jess Planck wrote:
> As I was saying before my phone crapped out and just decided to send  
> my unfinished message:
Ouch, I hate when that happens. :(

> I was hoping that these functions would be split into separate tinymce  
> plugins / javascript functions. I would not consider this the easiest  
> task, so I would not expect it for 2.7. There are a ton of functions  
> in the wordpress tinymce plugin; page more, next page, advanced  
> toolbar, wordpress help, and not to mention core controls for the  
> editor that do hot keys and build in the media buttons. It might be  
> time to split out some of those functions.
> If More and Next Page were in a wp-paging tinymce plugin and advanced  
> toolbar were in a kitchensink tinymce plugin. They could be easily  
> removed or modified by plugin authors. Very easy to override. I don't  
> know if I get this right, but wpeditimage buttons live in the  
> wordpress plugin while the wpeditimage has it's own plugin?

Yeah, there's a lot of things that need organized and figured out on 
what needs done and etc etc. I think with 2.8, the overall TLC should be 
given to the TinyMCE itself as well as other areas of functions / theme 
functions and such.

> Yea, I wouldn't expect that sort of cleanup to happen for 2.7 no way...

No, not all of that stuff you said about. The <!--nextpage--> button was 
mentioned before though, to be hopefully added into 2.7 though. It was 
brought up before, back on 2.6 trunk, before it went branch and they 
started on 2.7 trunk. It was put off back then, to be in THIS 2.7 
version. Now it's being pushed into yet another version .. (2.8). If the 
pushing to next version, after next version keeps going on, it'll never 
get done. But yeah, I think this stuff should be more focused on for 
2.8. Give a lot of love to 2.8. :D

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