[wp-hackers] <!--nextpage--> and other tinymce stuff

Idled Soul idledsoul at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 17:32:04 GMT 2008

Jess Planck wrote:
> I thought about this the other day because of issues with the advanced  
> toolbar button. Right now all the WordPress customizations for tinymce  
> reside in one tinymce plugin

I just feel, that it should have been already added in as core before. 
Not needing a plugin for it at all. It should have been taken care of 
along with that link_before / link_after stuff for wp_list_pages / and 
so forth, while it was added into core. It shouldn't be considered a 
"feature" at all. Sure one could refer to it as a feature, but really 
it's part of WordPress now, it's there. When we tell the doctor our foot 
is aching, we don't say... "Doctor, I'm having bad aches and pains in my 
foot feature below" ...

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