[wp-hackers] Slim WordPress by way of Google Ajax API?

Bret McMillan bretm at redhat.com
Tue May 27 21:01:17 GMT 2008

zamoose at gmail.com wrote:

> I'm liking the "Hookable" solution more myself, come to think of it --
> allow for plugins to choose for Bret's internal use case.
> Bret:
> It's a maintenance thing.  Instead of the WP project worrying about
> including the latest jQuery, etc., we can just have the JS "pointers"
> begin pointing to the latest hosted out at Google.

What happens if upstream changes something in an incompatible way? 
Deployed blogs could break when they changed nothing themselves.

I'm pretty ignorant on this topic, are there maintenance issues with the 
current javascript libraries?  Just trying to see the crux of the 
issue... code minimization is oftentimes a good goal, but we're really 
trading code for a dep.  And that brings its own host of issues into play.

> Slims down the WP
> core distro in the process, as well.

By "slim down", are you worried about:

1)  maintaining excessive amounts of WP-specific javascript?
2)  plugins using differing js libs, potentially incompatible ones?
3)  file size =)

The MU rpm I'm putting together for Fedora isn't very large :)


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