[wp-hackers] Slim WordPress by way of Google Ajax API?

zamoose at gmail.com zamoose at gmail.com
Tue May 27 20:53:04 GMT 2008

On 5/27/08, Bret McMillan <bretm at redhat.com> wrote:

> I don't have much experience with this, personally.  Looks quite
> different from GWT, which we've had some negative experiences with here
> internally.
> That said, it'd be very problematic to create a dependency for an active
> connection to google.com; my organization, like probably many others, is
> looking to WordPress (in our case, WPMU) for internally-facing blogs.
> Such systems often have limited external connectivity.
> What problem, exactly, would we be trying to solve?  Bloat of
> installation?  Bloat of packaging and deploymnet?  Some quick clicking
> via Firebug suggests if there's bloat, it's more on the CSS side of
> things...
> --Bret

I'm liking the "Hookable" solution more myself, come to think of it --
allow for plugins to choose for Bret's internal use case.

It's a maintenance thing.  Instead of the WP project worrying about
including the latest jQuery, etc., we can just have the JS "pointers"
begin pointing to the latest hosted out at Google.  Slims down the WP
core distro in the process, as well.


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