[wp-hackers] Discussion About BackPress

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Sat May 24 05:42:14 GMT 2008

> I'd like to see WordPress use more of BackPress, not because I think  
> it's good/bad/better/worse code, but because it will make my life  
> easier.  That's not the best reason to switch WordPress to  
> BackPress, especially if people think the code is terrible


I like the idea, but until wordpress has actually been refactored as a  
"built-off-BackPress" app, then it won't really be that useful to the  
general audience. In fact what you've just described is the invention  
of a framework of sorts that builds off the best of the 'common'  
elements of WP and bbP, but I don't know if PHP needs another framework.

In fact, wouldn't it make more sense just to integrate bbPress as a  
wordpress plugin? Seems like it could inherit everything it needed  
that way pretty easily. I mean, Wordpress already is a pretty strong  


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