[wp-hackers] Discussion About BackPress

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sat May 24 03:05:08 GMT 2008

Well, it is clear that would be the case. That it is to share code between
bbPress and WordPress and that classes were used as namespaces.

I think that is one of the problems is that you are asking the question
what can we share between the two and add to enhance the foundation. The
questions you should be asking are as follows:

What problems are within WordPress which warrant redesign?
(Controller-Model-View refactor, WPDB, Plugins, Pluggables)

What design elements is right within WordPress? (Plugins, Themes, simple
to use functions and most classes don't have many external dependencies)

Which parts of WordPress and bbPress can be part of every application?
(User, author template, Authentication, Authorization or capabilities)

Which parts not inside of WordPress and bbPress need to be added, because
they are needed in other applications.

If I wanted to use BackPress to create an application, it would require
major work. If I wanted to use WordPress to create an standalone gallery
what would I need to do? If I wanted to use bbPress to create a standalone
gallery what would I need?

> It will take a significant but not unrealistic amount of work to get
> WordPress using BackPress.  Having two apps using BackPress would
> also show us better where integration issues arise.

That might be interesting, but if that would happen you would have to
create a new major version to do so.

> To have any substantial future, BackPress needs a thorough beating by
> people like yourself. Additionally, it's never been used to build a
> new app, only to consolidate code between two existing apps, so it's
> hard to say if it worth its salt in its current state or what, if
> anything (and I'm sure there are many anythings), needs to change in
> order to get it to a useful state.

I can tell you what is crap, but I'm unaware at this stage of my learning
development at what improvements (which wouldn't also be crap) that can be
made. If I were to garner a guess, I would put together a Test Driven
Development unit tests, which go through the objects design to get a
"feel" for what design works and what doesn't.

I like doing that, because eventually, I'm going to learn the better way
with flow charts and class design. As an egg, that is how I would go about
my suggestions.

Well, I lost the rest of my email, but basically, I do have ideas on what
can be improved and would like to work on improving BackPress and
WordPress, because ultimately I do see myself using one or the other for a
few of my upcoming projects.

I'll put something together and keep feedback in mind when I get into the
MVC TDD mode for WordPress and any suggestions.

My personal roadmap for doing this is in the Fall. I'll keep updated on
the progress.

Jacob Santos

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