[wp-hackers] "Action" links for plugins (was Plugin Settings Menu Location)

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Wed May 21 22:09:47 GMT 2008

I will break this into a couple pieces and put them on Trac (as  
separate tickets).  Some I think I can handle, some may be beyond me.

I think the setup and uninstall links are one ticket, add_submenu_page  
mod is another.


On May 21, 2008, at 10:31 AM, Stephen Rider wrote:

> New function:  add_setup_link()
> * Attach a setup page that is linked with a "Setup" link on the  
> Plugins page.
> * Link does NOT appear under any Admin menu.
> New function: add_uninstall_link()
> * Attach an uninstall function that is linked with an "Uninstall"  
> link on the Plugins page.
> * Confirmation should be built-in to avoid problems with accidental  
> clicks.
> * Include parameter to manually repress the confirmation so an  
> author can remove OR customize it (default is to show confirmation).
> Modified function: add_submenu_page() (and related functions)
> * When Pages are added to Admin menu, direct link is added to Action  
> column of plugin creating that link.
> * Add parameter to specify the link title.  Default is "Settings".   
> Should be localised.
> 	- Exception: Pages under "Manage" menu default to "Manage".  Should  
> be localised.
> * Add parameter to manually repress link in case an author does NOT  
> want it to appear (default is to make the link).
> Modified function: (don't know the function)
> * On plugin activation, if add_setup_link() is called, add "Setup"  
> link to the "Plugin Activated" blurb at top of plugins page.
> * On plugin activation, if add_submenu_page() is called, add "Go to  
> <Settings> page" link to the "Plugin Activated" blurb at top of  
> plugins page.

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