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Christian Holtje docwhat at gmail.com
Tue May 13 16:02:18 GMT 2008

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On May 13, 2008, at 10:58 AM, Alexander Beutl wrote:

>> if Wordpress wanted to change this in the future they could without  
>> having to worry about breaking tons of plugins.
> If WordPress would want to change the (well thought of) way my
> plugins behave and change their menu locations whenever it feels  
> like doing
> so, I would really ask myselfe why I ever started working with and  
> coding
> for it.
> Just imageine: You write documentations, manuals, make screencasts  
> and then
> some crazy person comes along and changes his mind and says - no move
> everything there now and all your documentations is invalid, you  
> will have
> to deal user questions and users who know where to find what they are
> looking for will get mad searching for the pages which were once  
> there and
> are now gone to be somewhere else while they didn't do anything to the
> plugin.

Uhm....  Huh?

I'm talking about an API to make life easier for plugin developers to  
create plugins and for core developers to be able to innovate without  
getting in each other's way.

If the wordpress devs want to change how hooks work or something like  
that, then it won't matter as long as the register_plugin() API remains.

I wasn't talking about moving the hooks to different pages, though it  
does offer an entry point for someone to make that change if he/she  
wants.  I doubt the WordPress devs will do that though, don't you?

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