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Alexander Beutl xel at netgra.de
Tue May 13 14:58:02 GMT 2008

>if Wordpress wanted to change this in the future they could without having
to worry about breaking tons of plugins.
If WordPress would want to change the (well thought of) way my
plugins behave and change their menu locations whenever it feels like doing
so, I would really ask myselfe why I ever started working with and coding
for it.
Just imageine: You write documentations, manuals, make screencasts and then
some crazy person comes along and changes his mind and says - no move
everything there now and all your documentations is invalid, you will have
to deal user questions and users who know where to find what they are
looking for will get mad searching for the pages which were once there and
are now gone to be somewhere else while they didn't do anything to the

2008/5/13, Christian Holtje <docwhat at gmail.com>:
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> On May 13, 2008, at 8:44 AM, Alex Hempton-Smith wrote:
> > Well, we have yellowish alert boxes, for when Aksimet needs configuring
> > etc,
> > so why don't we have messages appear after a plugin is activated saying:
> >
> > Thanks for installing the Foo Plugin; you can find this at 'Manage' ->
> > 'Foo'.
> > <link to page>Go there now?</link>
> >
> > That way, people know where to find the options page, and the plugins
> > can be
> > more integrated with the menus as they currently are.
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> >
> It seems like this is something that some helper functions should be
> created so that plugin developers can "do the right thing".
> Examples for two plugins:
> "Frobtnitz" -- This is a plugin that has a one-time configuration.  You
> won't ever change this.
> "Zorkmid" -- This plugin has settings that you might change anytime you
> change the look and feel of the blog.
> register_plugin("Frobnitz", false, frobnitz_setup);
> register_plugin("Zorkmid", zorkmid_settings, false);
> Which would create yellow boxes like this:
> "Successfully installed the "Frobnitz" plugin.  You should now  _set it
> up_."
> "Successfully installed the "Zorkmid" plugin.  You can now change it's
> _settings_."
> On the plugins page, there would be a link for "Frobnitz" at the top, like
> Akismet.
> Next to the entry for Zorkmid on the plugin page there would be a link
> added for "Settings" so that an admin could go directly from the plugin
> description to the settings page.
> This could be extended to include a way to register a "manage" page as
> well.
> This way all this magic would just work for plugin developers and if
> Wordpress wanted to change this in the future they could without having to
> worry about breaking tons of plugins.
> Ciao!
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