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Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sun May 11 02:52:37 GMT 2008

It appears this discussion is hot on the bbPress forums, and mailing 
lists. I do not subscribe to the bbPress forums/mailing list and would 
rather not be part of that community at this time. I was wondering if 
anyone has heard anything about it, the history behind it, and where the 
future is going.

The repository. Well, it is difficult to talk about a product that is in 
the early works. I know from my past projects that most of the work 
didn't come together until towards the end, so I can understand that 
saying, "It sucks!" does nothing to further the thought process going on 
with BackPress, (it does remind me of a project I've seen on the IRC 
chat and that project was equally terrible).

Food for Thought:

Objects Design is not so simple as throwing a bunch of functions 
together into an object and calling them methods.

Class Patterns are there for a reason, to get past the limitations of 
language design to improve the work flow of the component's design.

The desire to keep an object small is logical from the fact that once 
the object is initiated, the methods, and data must be stored in memory 
during the duration that the object is in use. (This might not be true 
of PHP, but it is of at least other languages, so one could assume.)

One problem I've seen with other applications in their usage of objects 
is that they either separate everything and build off dependency off 
dependency, creating something that goes so deep it is almost impossible 
to comprehend the work flow and impossible to easily change anything 
without complete redesign/restructure.

The second problem is that once a bad design is locked in, it is then 
impossible to change because of backwards compatibility issues happen.

I'm no expert with object software design, but over the years of making 
more than my fair share of mistakes, I've learned a thing or two.


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