[wp-hackers] Re: Subscribe to Comments plugin

spencerp theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Sat May 10 18:34:39 GMT 2008

Alexander Beutl wrote:
> Thats just the reason why I'd say: Don't start sending unasked mails to
> anyone - not even with the best intention.
> Any again: There is only one way to get rid of spam is: Find your own
> solution and DO NOT SHARE IT. I love sharing, but when everyone uses the
> same anti-spam algos they will stop working. Even if everyone invents his
> own plugin and then shares it and then everyone uses every plugin this will
> only result in the spammers finding their way though every plugin. Keep
> yours private - share it with you best friends only. Let not more then 10
> not-so-spam-worthy blog use it. If you need more create a new for every 10
> blogs. Spammers will have a hard time: They don't know the code (which they
> would do with shared plugins) they don't know where it is installed and 10
> blogs aren't worth too much work for them.

Thanks Alexander for your words of wisdom. ;) My buddies ban script is 
even secured.. PHP code wise.. so I can't even have the SAME version on 
spencerp.net... running on VB.com. They're both secured / enabled for 
each domain separately... with database access / site url access only. 
When viewing the files, ya can't even read it.

This script is not on the market... this script wasn't shared.. period. 
This script is basically a pre-ban of ips, uas, ua keywords etc.. to 
three IP levels of bannage...  is what I was using.. FRESH. It hasn't 
been used in lengthy time frame either.. and yet spam was coming 
through... But I caught and banned NEWER IPS that were spamming my blogs 

Well, I did find another list of spammer ips online some where... and 
added them as well as the ones that were coming in later. I wish there 
was a way... to drop off spam / proxy IPS to a site.. everyone's site 
checks through em all, before allowing comment to appear. Only thing is, 
the load times would be heavy. I just wish there was a way...

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