[wp-hackers] Re: Subscribe to Comments plugin

Alexander Beutl xel at netgra.de
Sat May 10 18:03:16 GMT 2008

Thats just the reason why I'd say: Don't start sending unasked mails to
anyone - not even with the best intention.

Any again: There is only one way to get rid of spam is: Find your own
solution and DO NOT SHARE IT. I love sharing, but when everyone uses the
same anti-spam algos they will stop working. Even if everyone invents his
own plugin and then shares it and then everyone uses every plugin this will
only result in the spammers finding their way though every plugin. Keep
yours private - share it with you best friends only. Let not more then 10
not-so-spam-worthy blog use it. If you need more create a new for every 10
blogs. Spammers will have a hard time: They don't know the code (which they
would do with shared plugins) they don't know where it is installed and 10
blogs aren't worth too much work for them.

2008/5/10 spencerp <theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com>:

> I've banned over 21,000 IPS via a buddies ban script, most being proxies..
> plus spammer ips.. not forgetting the prepacked bad UAS banned.. bad UA
> keywords too... Mostly spammers that SLIPPED THROUGH... the anti spam
> plugins of WordPress .. is basically what I banned. And of course.. they
> still came.. and of course I still banned them.. it's endless.. I'm just
> F-ing hot about it all. It's not towards anyone personally..
> I just pissed off cause of the spammers in general. It's like ya can't do
> or have anything online anymore.... My as well just shut everything down...
> the more ya try and fight it.. update codes of anti-spam plugins.. the more
> anti-spam plugins ya have don't mean crap... nor does having anything
> "secure" either.. because it's by-passed.... SPAM = nothing but hell and
> ruins the enjoyment of having ANYTHING online in general. There's no
> enjoyment at all...fun, freedom, enjoyment is ripped from your daily life...
> just like a peeping tom does.. you're privacy gone, everything.
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