[wp-hackers] Re: Subscribe to Comments plugin

Alexander Beutl xel at netgra.de
Sat May 10 16:16:47 GMT 2008

Oh come on - you know better than that.
If I hit a checkbox "Notify me for comments" I ask you to do this and then
you should send mail to me.
If I do not hit such a checkbox (for what reason ever - could be that you
hadn't any checkbox there before, could be that I just didn't want mails)
and you do it anyway this could be considered spam.

Well - one can unsubscribe of course... but if I did fall over your blog
lets say 1 and a half year ago and read one post and wrote a comment then
(where there was no checkbox) and then I'll get an email from you today
which has a signoff link in it - I wouldn't dare hitting it since this could
be spam and I would tell them my mailadress is vaild.

Just leave it open for your visitors to be notified or not - add a "Notify
me" button which can be used even if you do not comment (I use this on one
of my blogs) and don't send mail which wasn't requested to them by adding
everyone to the subscribe list...

2008/5/10 spencerp <theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com>:

> Alexander Beutl wrote:
>> Yep and you can not write any comments on a blog where the blog owner will
>> at some day get to the idea that everyone should be informed if anybody
>> does
>> write any comment in a post where the commenter has commented allready and
>> had not choosen to get Mailnotifications. Every time someone thinks he
>> would
>> write a comment or spam that blog you will get mails you never asked
>> for...
> I can see what you're saying here. But, how ELSE is the plugin supposed to
> function in order to do it's purpose? Unless it goes through IP checks... or
> what not? You're basically saying, the plugin should be void / deleted to
> prevent spam right? But at same time... the whole plugins wonderful function
> is to notify legit members / subscribers of NEW comments to what they
> commented on... So! We're back at base camp again, where I said earlier..
> it's just best to get rid of comment functions, user registrations, and
> emails... because spam ruins it all...? Right?
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