[wp-hackers] Re: [wp-pro] Need help installing Wordpress

WordPress wordpress at anekostudios.com
Sat May 10 15:39:21 GMT 2008

Hey all :)

I just wanted to ask a question, so I can be absolutely clear on  
this.  I submitted a request yesterday on the wp-pro list about hiring  
someone to help with installing WordPress on a IIS system that's  
running PHP and MySQL.  I am utterly *amazed* at the response - an  
overwhelming majority who did respond said the same thing: install  
WordPress on a separate Unix/Linux system and have the links redirect  
to the IIS for anything non-WP related.

Am I wrong in believing it's possible to install WordPress on a IIS  

I'd never tried it before, but I had always believed that - although  
IIS will give some difficulties - you *could* install it on IIS.  (For  
the record, I'm no newbie at WP installs - I've just never done it on  
IIS before.)

If this is true, and it *can't* be done, can I have a bit of  
verification?  I told the client I'm working for (I'm actually  
subcontracting for another designer) that you *could* do it, but that  
the IIS server would make it really hard to do - which it has been.   
I've utterly failed at the task (which is why I submitted to wp-pro),  
and the client believes it can be done.  They're now hounding me  
because I've been trying to a week and a half to get it installed, and  
it's failing utterly- in the most bizarre ways.

So do I need to tell the person I'm working for that if they want  
WordPress, they have to switch from IIS?  I always thought it could be  
done - but apparently, form what I'm hearing, it cannot.  I'd really  
like some verification so I can get moving on this - maybe give them  
some other options rather than ramming my head against this wall  
trying to get it to work.



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