[wp-hackers] Is disabling remote client access a good idea?

Ryan McCue ryanmccue at cubegames.net
Wed Jun 25 12:44:38 GMT 2008

Jacob Santos wrote:
> Yeah, that is somewhat difficult because it really falls under 
> acceptance testing. I've heard of a HTTP proxy for PHPUnit, which 
> simulates the HTTP environment, but I really think you have to do it 
> live over HTTP to be accurate. Generally, if it did do it the 
> functional testing way, then it would take forever to run with all of 
> the latency of HTTP and having to do it many times. Saver to probably 
> try to get as much done with just one HTTP request as possible.

Selenium RC is probably the one you've heard of:

But this is straying a little off-topic.


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