[wp-hackers] Charging to install WordPress

Paolo Tresso / Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Thu Jun 19 12:48:56 GMT 2008

> Here's what we tell people requesting commercial blogs at  
> install4free:

Here's a sampler from wp-pro mailing list:

- hey i was transford over from  install 4 free they said im more  
commercial web sight http://xyz.com that you guys could help me

- I tried doing a bunch of google-searching, only found one similar  
problem with a guy using FastCGI, which doesn't apply to me.  I tried  
asking the "Install4Free" guys for help, but they said since I have my  
own server I ought to just know how to do this, and directed me here  

-  Wordpress's Install4Free service told me (very politely, but very  
firmly) that the site was a commercial one and they wouldn't do it for  
me.  Their installer said it's maybe five minutes of work and  
suggested I try here for help.  Cheap help.

I'm just suggesting to explain (again, politely but very firmly) that  
wp-pro is supposed to be a professional list, somewhat different from  
scriptlance or rentacoder, on a different level, because people tend  
to misunderstand this point, and people on wp-pro list aren't really  

I did not say anything against you or your service, I have really high  
respect for you and your project, but a notable amount of requests  
like that makes your service bad appearing on wp-pro, and this is not  
good for you as well as for us.

Just wondering if you can say (politely, but very firmly) that wp-pro  
isn't properly "a cheap help". I'm just reporting what's happening.


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