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Lew Ayotte wordpress at redfootwebdesign.com
Thu Jun 19 11:21:41 GMT 2008

I guess that was four points :)

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 7:21 AM, Lew Ayotte <wordpress at redfootwebdesign.com>

> I have two points to add to this conversation.
> First, cost is not how much money you pay for something, it is how much you
> are willing to lose to get something. 1500$ may be what someone is willing
> to lose to not have to learn how to install Wordpress on their own. We all
> say that it only takes us 5 minutes to install, but to a complete newbie, it
> takes much longer (maybe even days). They may not know what a database is,
> what sort of webhost to look for, how to get the setup information, etc.
> When you look at it like that, an IT Director may be willing to spend 1500$
> to get someone to do 5 minutes worth of work (and do it correctly) instead
> of paying an newbie staff member a few days worth of salary to guess at it.
> Second, some people may charge a higher rate because they don't want to be
> bothered by people who merely want to install wordpress. Taking 5-10 minutes
> to install wordpress for someone could cause a busy developer to completely
> lose train of thought. I work for a Network Consulting firm and sometimes we
> overbid a customer because we don't want the job, we know that those sort of
> customers usually end up costing more money than we ultimately get back.
> Third, some businesses equate high price with expertise, so there will
> always be the high price market out there.
> And Fourth, if someone cannot afford to pay the 1500$ or feels like it is a
> rip-off, than they will find someone more reasonable. My rate is only 75$/hr
> - min 1 hr. Some may say that I am ripping someone off for only doing 5
> minutes worth of work and charging for an hours worth.
> Just my thoughts on the subject.
> Lew
> On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 11:06 PM, DD32 <wordpress at dd32.id.au> wrote:
>> On Sat, 07 Jun 2008 12:47:13 +1000, Eric Marden <wp at xentek.net> wrote:
>>  about people who charge outrageous prices to install WordPress (eg.
>>>> €550/$850/£430) :
>>> I wouldn't say that at all. Never underestimate your value - not your
>>> worth - your value. And never be ashamed of making money. If the
>>> customer values the service enough to pay that price, who are you to
>>> say its a rip off.
>>> I can make up to $300 / hr consulting. Often times, wordpress is
>>> involved. Obviously I'm doing more than just installing wordpress, but
>>> that's not really how the world works anyway.
>>> perception is almost everything. results are the rest.
>> I agree with that.
>> Most on this list can install WordPress in a matter of minutes.
>> Most mechanics can change an oil filter in a matter of minutes, Does that
>> mean they shouldn't charge you for their knowledge and know-how?
>> Specialising in something and knowing how to do it well and right gives
>> you the ability to charge for it :)
>> If someone wants to pay $1000 then so be it, If they ask around and find
>> someone who'll do it for $200, Then as a consumer they've looked around for
>> what they're willing to pay.
>> If i payed $1000, I would personally expect other services to come with
>> it, But thats not everyone.
>> I had someone come to me a few weeks ago after paying $500 for a wordpress
>> blog and theme from a company, The theme didnt even work properly, There
>> were extra html tags scattered through it which made it look horrible as
>> soon as you posted content. Instead of going back to them and paying the
>> $200/h consulting rate, He asked me and for a much smaller ammount i cleaned
>> up his theme, I could've done the same and charged a higher ammount, But i
>> felt charitable, and got him off cheaply after spending so much for a broken
>> product.
>> People need to make a living :)
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