[wp-hackers] Seeking feedback on Plugins UI

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Thu Jun 5 05:23:46 GMT 2008

There are 2 major UI's which i'd like to get some general feedback on:
  * Plugin Management - Delete/Group activation/deactivate
  * Plugin Installation list

The first one went into trunk last night:  
There's an online demo here:  
(Just a save as of the plugins page)
Nothing is active in that demo, but it shows the general layout.

  * Deactivate all / Reactivate all have been removed, They are replaced by  
the Bulk selection and Recently Active plugins list
  * The plugin list is seperated into 3 groups:
    * Active plugins: Plugins which are currently active on the blog
    * Recently Active plugins: Plugins which have been deactivated in the  
last 7 days
    * Available plugins: Plugins which are installed, But are not active.
  * Plugins can only be deleted if they are deactivated.

Thoughts? Anything missing? Anything needs adding?

  * Better wording
  * Confirmation before deleteing plugins
  * Cleanup of the back-code.

Next, As part of Google Summer of Code this year, I'm writing in a Plugin  
installer; I'm seeking feedback on the basic UI.
Trac: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/6015 (Ignore any attachments there,  
Its not current code/UI)
  * Plugin Search page:  
     * Needs Fleshing out a bit, Probably allow uploading of a plugin  
archive too
  * Plugins Listing page:  
     * Anything missing?
     * Anything needs to be there?

I have not got the next install ui up yet, However:
  * Clicking Install will most likely bring up a thickbox page with fuller  
details about the plugin, Much like the WordPress.org site, Once the users  
had a chance to look at the full details, They can confirm installation.

Thoughts on the Layouts?

Anything missing? A detail you'd like to see in the table? (ie. Recently  
updated, Or maybe the total number of ratings which have gone into that  

(Oh and Yes; Hopefully the installer will make it into 2.6, So i better  
get cracking :))

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