[wp-hackers] Discussion about Optional Closing PHP tags in the WordPress Library

Aaron D. Campbell aaron at xavisys.com
Wed Jun 18 01:35:28 GMT 2008

Jacob Santos wrote:
> <snipped for brevity>
> Really, from the commonly quoted message on the subject, the 
> conclusion translates to that it is better to have the closing PHP 
> tag, so that those who don't know better don't get tripped up on the 
> small stuff. Whether or not WordPress should have the closing PHP tag 
> is not at issue here. How is this problem, when it occurs 
> troubleshooted for users?
> I'm not sure my response, "Learn PHP!" would be all that helpful and 
> could come across as being an ass.
> Thanks.
> Jacob Santos 
It may not be all that helpful, but I'm also not sure it's that far 
off.  In my opinion, anyone messing with files that are part of the 
WordPress core (all files that WordPress is responsible for managing), 
should understand PHP enough to handle the problem.  If they don't, they 
shouldn't be bringing the problems to WordPress.  I'd say just make a 
page that offers common PHP errors, explain that if they are being 
caused by WordPress with no modifications, that a ticket should be 
opened.  However, if WordPress has been modified at all, look for help 
at ______ (list some places, ##PHP on IRC, htmlforums.com, possibly paid 
support through the wp-pro list, etc).

If this is a problem with patch submitters and not users, then I 
honestly don't know the solution, except to maybe highlight it somewhere 
along the process of submitting a patch.

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