[wp-hackers] Idea: Plugin Version Limitation

Alex Hempton-Smith hempsworth at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 16 17:01:57 GMT 2008

Firstly I disagree with automatically disabling the plugins which are not
tagged as compatible. But, a reminder system would be good for developers
who are just forgetful...

When the plugin author adds thier plugin they are given the option to
recieve reminders when their plugin needs updating. If selected, they will
then recieve an email like this when a new version of WP is available:


Hey, <Author name>!

A new version of WordPress has recently been released!
Is your ['Foo' plugin][1] compatible with the new [2.5.2 version][2]?

We would recommend updating it, so as many users as possible can enjoy it.

*To let people know when your plugin works with the newest version, [click
here][3] to update your *'*Compatible up to' version number on [the plugin's
page][4]. That way, users can be safe in the knowledge your plugin will work
as expected.



[1] Link to the plugin page
[2] Version release blog post or Trac link
[3] The edit plugin page, with a #compatible-up-to at the end of the link,
so that text box is focussed and has a colour around it perhaps?
[4] **Link to the plugin page


Becuase it's an opt in thing, devs who create quick plugins and dont want to
update their plugin won't recieve reminders; but those of us who are just
forgetful will be reminded.

Just an idea, any thoughts?


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