[wp-hackers] Plugin Problem - Working sometimes...

Travis Quinnelly [MUO] travis at makeuseof.com
Fri Jul 25 04:02:05 GMT 2008

I have an issue with a plugin apparently not "hooking" all the time.

This particular plugin appends each article with a custom "author footer"
which is saved in each author's profile page to the db. It grabs the author
footer, and places it at the end of the_content on publish.

The problem is, that it doesnt always do it. It works about 1/3 of the time,
and I cant figure out why.

Here's the code over at wordpress.pastebin.com:

Any ideas why this is only partially working? Shouldnt it work every time a
post is published?
Would the "scheduled" posts to be published get the same action that a click
to the "Publish" button would?

Any help is appreciated.

Travis Quinnelly

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