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Abel Cheung abelcheung at gmail.com
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On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 12:11 AM, Otto <otto at ottodestruct.com> wrote:
> Question: Are you against the whole concept of distributed computing
> or webservices as well? For example, at my real-life job, we use a

All these bunches of narrow minded fanboys floating around. Heh.

There DO exist cases where comment handling by 3rd party is not
desired, say asking for support on commercial services. Yes, most
serious business wouldn't be daring enough to even trying using
blogging systems for business use, but there are some small startups
doing exactly this thing. They absolutely don't want customers'
request being filtered as spam, and want to do quality assurance
themselves instead of blindly trusting 3rd parties.

Not everybody must follow your method of handling matters, they have
the freedom and choice too.


> third party service to get real-time sales tax rate information based
> on addresses. We pay a small fee per lookup. This is better than
> trying to do it all ourselves because there's 18000 tax jurisdictions
> in this country and trying to keep up with changing rates and laws and
> such is not worth our time. If we were huge and had lots of sales,
> then maybe it would be worth the effort, but hey, maybe not.
> The idea of contracting out a particular specific service to a
> specialist makes sense to me. Why does it bother you to contract out
> your comment spam-scanning to Akismet?
> (This is not a question about the relative effectiveness of various
> methods, mind you, just the specific idea of handling it with a third
> party.)
> -Otto
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