[wp-hackers] Re: Plugins & CSS, embeded vs linking

Jonathan Dingman jdingman at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 18:44:08 GMT 2008

Kaspers, you make some great points that yeah, there are 2 types of
Wordpress users.

That's why I'm suggesting there ought to be a standard for the
option.  Giving both types of users the ability to achieve what they
want to, with optimal performance.

Embedded CSS is just extra load time, as small as it is, to the
browser and end-user, when instead that same CSS could be cached.


I didn't know there was a function in 2.6 already for it, that sounds
great!  I can definitely live with how it is right now, it's just not
at optimal performance.


That's why I suggested something for plugin devs to offer a "do not
include CSS" so you can manually add it yourself to whatever CSS file,
we use css/all.css, and the plugin wont add it anywhere.  makes sense
to me to offer that kind of functionality, on a global scale.

Thanks for the thoughts and contributions guys, greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Dingman

<http://wordcampny.org/> - Oct 5th, 2008

On Jul 14, 2:33 pm, Joost de Valk <jo... at joostdevalk.nl> wrote:
> On Jul 14, 2008, at 8:31 PM, Jeremy Clarke wrote:
> > I personally find it annoying to have a whole extra stylesheet
> > included just to get a few lines of CSS, especially when the code
> > isn't even public-facing. The extra io probably isn't worth the
> > aesthetic benefits of a seperate sheet. IMHO it's more important to be
> > very selective about where you include the CSS at all (i.e. whether
> > it's needed on that pageload, rather than including it on all admin
> > screens etc).
> > It would be great to be able to selectively add a few lines of CSS to
> > the main admin stylesheet (or a second one) when it doesn't deserve
> > it's own file.
> Sounds like the demand is there, anyone feel like cooking something
> up? Sounds like a bigger patch then I've ever done to core so far ;)
> Cheers,
> Joost
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