[wp-hackers] Plugins & CSS, embeded vs linking

Kaspars Dambis kaspars at konstruktors.com
Mon Jul 14 18:30:45 GMT 2008


I think there are two types of WP users:

     1. those who fear editing style.css and don't care/know about
        having an extra http call, and
     2. those who know how to edit files and care about the performance

Plugins are written for both types of these users, therefore the best
solution is to add user-side CSS automatically with an option (within
plugin settings) to remove it.

On a sidenote -- I really thinkg that WP should have an inbuilt js/css
compressor/minifier for static js/css files. I use PHP Speedy plugin on
my blog but there are many php solutions out there.

With the increasing number of different js libraries and jQuery plugins
that plugin authors use, it will soon become a greater bottleneck than
the dynamic php and all the related caching issues.


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