[wp-hackers] Tag cloud semantics

Ryan McCue ryanmccue at cubegames.net
Thu Jan 24 07:38:14 GMT 2008

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Ryan McCue wrote:
>> Is there any reason why wp_generate_tag_cloud() uses explicit 
>> font-sizes rather than using classes? One would assume that for 
>> semantics it would be better to use classes, like tag-highpop, etc. 
>> I'd be willing to contribute a patch to this effect if needed, but 
>> was just wondering if there was any reason to the thinking behind it.
> What Tantek does is actually use the <big> and <small> elements, 
> nested. He feels that's the most semantic use. You can see it in 
> action on Technorati. (Not sure if it survived redesigns after he left.)
On Technorati's:
> "Unfortunately it turns out not to be that decent, and stop calling me 
> Shirley. It’s not exactly terrible code. It does recognise that a tag 
> cloud is a list of links. And, since they’re in alphabetical order, 
> that it’s an ordered list of links. That’s nice. However … /fifteen/ 
> nested |<em>| tags? *FIFTEEN?* That’s emphasis for you. Yes, it is 
> parse-able, but it’s also something of a strange way of looking at 
> emphasis. The HTML spec states that |<em>| is emphasis, and |<strong>| 
> is for stronger emphasis. Nesting |<em>| tags seems counter to the 
> idea that different tags are used for different levels of emphasis. 
> Plus, if you had a screen reader that stressed the voice for emphasis, 
> what would it do? Shout at you?"

Something like this would rule: 


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