[wp-hackers] wp_list_pages

Aaron D. Campbell wp-hackers at ezdispatch.com
Wed Jan 16 22:56:33 GMT 2008

When I tried to submit my plugin to the wordpress.org repository, I was 
told "Please make this a core patch on Trac." So, I opened 
http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5662 but I could really use someone 
that is more up to date on trunk to give me some guidance. Looking at 
the differences between 2.3.2, it looks like get_page might be getting 
phased out in favor of a more versatile get_post. If that's the case, 
I'll use that...and the probelm will be solved. However, if we still 
want to keep page-related items using get_page, I need to either modify 
get_page a little to handle page "0" or I need to make some additional 
tests on the data I get back. Any of the solutions will work, but I'd 
like to employ the one that bests fits with where the code is headed, 
rather than where it's coming from. Any input would be appreciated.

Aaron D. Campbell wrote:
> That was a great idea, but like I said...not all ancestors are marked. 
> After thinking about it for a bit, I just made a little plugin to 
> label the ancestors like I needed. 
> <http://xavisys.com/wordpress-mark-parent-pages-plugin/> Maybe it'll 
> help someone else along the way.

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