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Well, besides the XML, which I think would be just terrible. Maybe when
WordPress switches to PHP5, it would be worth converting to just DOM.
However, it would only be worth putting forth that much work, if WordPress
would support PHP4.3 for another 18 months or so.

The XML proposal does have merit for template and plugin authors who don't
know a lot about DOM/DOMXML, but still want to work with XML without
Regex. Creating a library for them will stand up to creating such a
framework. However, PHP5 does offer better tools for XML other than DOM,
which would make more sense to be used. SimpleXML would make RSS parsing a
piece of cake and very quick.

Also, you can "import" a URL into DOM loadHTML() method, which is
completely awesome.

> I was checking out some of the work being done by the brilliant Byrne
> Reese and Niall Kennedy for MovableType and was really impressed by
> the way they laid out some proposals [1]. Check out:
> Byrnereese
> http://wiki.movabletype.org/Ping_Abstraction
> http://wiki.movabletype.org/Feature:Template_Editing_UI_Enhancements
> Niallkennedy
> http://wiki.movabletype.org/Proposal:CoreJS
> Publishing a well written proposal in that sort of manner seems like
> it has a low barrier of entry for anyone, makes a strong argument, and
> allows for others to get involved or run with your proposal.
> Thanks,
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> 1. Though not consistently in a single wiki name space or category.
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