[wp-hackers] What happened to the right margin?

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Thu Feb 28 20:23:01 GMT 2008

Looking at all admin pages in maximized window on cheap 1440x900 LCD. 
Without the white margin on the right most have quite large white areas 
in the middle that makes them feel a bit awkward.

However all pages that include the editor become hard to use. At 1440px 
width the editor is over 1100px wide! It's pretty hard to read/write 
with so long lines. And many people have screens with higher resolution too.

Are there plans to put the right margin back in? Perhaps we can make it 
shrink to about 10px at 800px window width (which looks good and keeps 
it usable) and expand to about 300px at 1440px?

Other option would be to add max-width to some pages, although I think 
liquid is better.

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