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spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 04:20:01 GMT 2008

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Matt wrote:
>> I disagree. Letting the community give feedback on the mockups can help
>> shape designs to be even better. Considering most of us our 
>> developers on
>> this list, we can imagine how a design will work while it's still just a
>> mockup. Plus, the community could have helped implement it.
> It's a little moot at this point, I would say the current state of the 
> admin incorporates all or more of the mockups and intentions.

Having community viewing mock-ups isn't really a bad thing, however like 
someone else said, it leaves the door wide open for constant arguing and 
wanting this changed, or that changed. You'd spend more time arguing and 
disagreeing than actually implementing the intended design.

That's where, if posting mock-ups on a blog post, and then turning off 
comments comes in handy. ;) :D Or, post the "future to be" mock-ups 
before actual implementation time frame, get user feedback and such, but 
just have it controlled. Like you basically do with the 
(http://wordpress.org/support/forum/4 and 
http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/ ) part of WordPress.org.

And if the discussion(s) start up on a email list, have the list 
moderator moderate the emails regarding it. Arguments and disagreeing 
isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is when it gets out of hand. 
That's where it needs moderated by the powers that be.

It also shapes, improves, changes WordPress gradually to be a better 
blogging software as time rolls on, AS a Community effort. Same goes for 
the design and what you want WordPress to portray with that design. 
Having a base / original design mock-up is the starting point. Having it 
publicly viewable in very beginning is good, just have the feedback on 
it moderated and controlled. Take votes in reasonable manner, not 
bitching and moaning. Present change(s) and ideas again with new set of 

Remember though, all of this having a LIMITED amount of change 
suggestions set from the get go. So you're not going from what you have 
now (design wise) and by the time it's implementation time, it's not 
looking like (for example) Shuttle. (Even though that'd be f-ing sweet!) 
Just saying, that's drastic changes that shouldn't be, shouldn't happen.

Simple, decent changes with usability into consideration, suggestions 
and opinions aren't bad. Just needs moderated and kept on reasonable 
level of "change requests". I dunno though, I need sleep and for once 
I'm not sarcastic and being mean... (No, I'm not sick either.) So yeah, 
this is a nice and decent email from me and how I feel about this 
discussion and all. :) I'm heading to bed... night folks.


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