[wp-hackers] WP 2.3 plugin update notification

Michael D Adams mikea at turbonet.com
Sat Feb 16 00:23:46 GMT 2008

On Feb 15, 2008, at 1:03 PM, Keith Solomon wrote:

> Is there anything special (other than having your plugin hosted at  
> wordpress.org/extend) that a plugin author needs to do to make the  
> plugin update notification work?  I updated my configurable tag  
> cloud plugin today, and I'm not getting any notifications that  
> there's an updated version available.

This was caused by the (unnecessary) use of the <a href="..."> in your  
plugin file's "Plugin Name:" header line.  That line should just be  
the plain-text name.  The link is made automatically from the "Plugin  
URI:" header line.

Thanks for finding the bug :)  It should be fixed now.

Note that your own personal blog only checks for updates every 12  
hours or so, but I've installed an old version of your plugin and  
confirmed that an update notification is sent telling me to upgrade.


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