[wp-hackers] Uploader to send to different field

Andre SC andre at pixelplexus.co.za
Fri Feb 15 21:35:07 GMT 2008


 I'm building a plugin that creates posts (and meta stuff) through a 
customized editing screen that contains a couple of fields in stead of 
the usual content editing field.

 I would like users to be able to use the default uploader to upload 
images etc. as per usual - but want to send the uploaded item's uri to 
one of the custom fields instead. (e.g place  a dropdown  listing 
available fields to send to in the uploader or  something like a upload 
button next to the relevant custom field that uses the normal upload 

 Hoping a kind soul might share some ideas on the best (or even just a 
workable :) way to achieve this in 2.3.x?

 What's the prognosis for doing this with the new uploader?



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