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Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Mon Feb 11 20:58:44 GMT 2008

It won't let me edit your spreadsheet. However, here's some:

link_description has not been removed, it's now done by the
sanitize_bookmark_field function. Same goes for link_rating, although
it's been deprecated in general.

Note this line in bookmark.php:
$value = apply_filters($field, $value, $bookmark_id, $context);

These are both $field when they are pulled out and sanitized.

On Feb 11, 2008 12:22 PM, Adam Brown <wphackers at adambrown.info> wrote:
> In WP 2.3, several hooks were renamed to have a variable name. For
> example, "publish_post" now  appears in the source as
> "${new_status}_$post->post_type". By request from some WP users, I'm
> updating the WP hooks database [1] to give clearer information about
> these renamings. (As it stands now, the database says that hooks like
> "publish_post" no longer appear in the source, which is misleading;
> that's what you get from a regular expression-driven database.)
> There's one problem. For a handful of hooks that disappeared in 2.3, I
> can't figure out what the new hook is (if any). I need help. I've
> created a Google Spreadsheet [2] that lists all 37 hooks that
> disappeared in 2.3 (in the first column). The second column shows what
> I *think* the new hook is. Note that for a handful, the second column
> is blank. For reference, you can find a list of all the new hooks
> (including all the new variable hooks) that appeared in 2.3 here: [3].
> If anybody can correct or add to that Google Spreadsheet, please let
> me know. I'll update the spreadsheet as I get responses. As soon as
> I've got all the info I need, I'll be able to update the hooks
> database.
> Here are the URLs you'll need:
> [1] WP Hooks database
> http://adambrown.info/p/wp_hooks
> [2] Google spreadsheet
> http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p_bmzDs47XgbOksdMzKM3OA
> [3] New hooks in 2.3
> http://adambrown.info/p/wp_hooks/version/2.3?new=1
> Thanks in advance.
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