[wp-hackers] Improving Plugin (and Theme) metadata

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Fri Feb 8 23:43:12 GMT 2008

Why should WP be providing tools for what is a much more general 
problem, internationalizing applications with gettext? We don't 
provide web browsers, text editors, PHP debuggers, or any of the other 
tools that developers might use.

Just my 2 cents -- these translation tools have been around for a 
while, are used on other projects besides WP, and I don't think WP 
wants to get into the business of creating new tools for plugin devs.


Andy Skelton wrote:
> Deeper problem: ultimately accessible PO-making tools are not provided
> by WP. How about a web form that uploads a theme or plugin and returns
> a PO?

Jennifer Hodgdon

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