[wp-hackers] embedding swf into posts on trunk version

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Fri Feb 8 03:33:55 GMT 2008

Try the "Media" plugin in TinyMCE (on the second row) or paste the code 
in "HTML" view. It should work good.

spencerp wrote:
> I'm sure this was discussed and I just overlooked it, but alot of the 
> popular plugins to handle this thing just don't want to work sigh. For 
> example, this popular one gives Fatal Error and don't allow plugin to 
> activate at all!
> http://www.kimili.com/plugins/kml_flashembed
> Is there a work-around for this issue? Anyone maybe want to help get it 
> working? I'm not a coder, so, any help is appreciated. All I really want 
> to do now is, embed a SWF file from another site and have it work... =P
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